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New Year, new habits?

Many of us set out on great courses of action at the start of a new year. The gym seems busier with people who have resolved to change themselves. Lasting change and transformation in the realm of health and fitness requires improving lifestyle habits on an ongoing basis. How can this be done? I would say cultivate patience and make things easy for yourself.

Patience with yourself during and through the process of any change will make reaching your goal easier. Making things easy for yourself means creating incremental, achievable goals. For example, 3 Making Life Good healthy eating goals that apply for everyone all the time are:

1. Eat green vegetables at least once daily

2.  Drink adequate quantities of water and herbal tea

3. Track your alcohol intake

Try the above habits in addition to your exercise program to feel your best-Here’s to your optimal health!

Drink More Water: Ways to Make Water More Fun

With the fall season here, many of us are motivated to make healthy lifestyle changes. One of the most important health changing tasks we give our clients is ask them to drink enough water on a daily basis. The calculation we use is:

Your Weight in kilograms X 0.033=Daily Water Intake in Litres

More details here:

It is great to have a technical goal and a number to achieve. However, what actually happens in practice on a daily basis is more of a challenge. One challenge that I continually come across is ‘I don’t like plain water’. In fact, this piece is inspired by this question I came across on a UK website:

Q. I really don’t like drinking water but worry that drinking squash each day isn’t good for me?

I really appreciate the honesty of this question. Squash is a sweet beverage that is  made by diluting a concentrated syrup, which typically consists of concentrated juice and sugar with water or carbonated water. I can understand that preferring to drink squash and other beverages is a natural consequence to not liking water. Having everyone drinking all the water they need consistently is like a magic bullet that we need in the health and fitness world. However, we are all human and have our idiosyncratic behaviour.

I think that making drinking water more fun will help. Ideally, we would all drink all the water we need in plain water and herbal tea. Since that is unlikely, how about these ideas to help meet your daily water intake goal:

-herbal teas (loose leaf teas have better taste and higher nutritional value)

-low sodium club soda, sparkling water

-infuse water with lemon slices, lime slices, cucumber, herbs, or other fruits

-try warm water with a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar

-try adding orange blossom water to plain water for extra flavour

-try plain water or sparkling water with Minisyrup, a natural, concentrated, unsweetened flavouring product. See the story on how:

Natural flavour minisyrup is available in lemon, mango, orange, pear, raspberry, and strawberry kiwi. Order at

For example, if you manage to drink 1/3-1/2 of your daily water intake goal in plain water and drink the rest in the form of the ideas above, you will get to your daily water intake goal faster. You can meet your daily water intake goal more easily by making some small efforts to make water more appealing and fun. Does that sound doable?

Hot Yoga

I attended a hot yoga class for the first time in over 5 years and was pleasantly surprised with the experience. The substitute instructor was excellent in his ability to teach the movements and educate the class on the sanskrit terms and mind body background of the yoga he was having us practice.

I have avoided hot yoga and stuck with other forms for the past few years, because I felt almost faint from exertion and most likely dehydration the last time I did hot yoga. I was more diligent about water intake today, but I still feel a bit dehydrated after the class. However, I really enjoyed the class and learned some interesting new body movements.
It really is best to drink at least 2-3 cups of water before and directly after a hot yoga class. If you are not well hydrated, it is quite possible that you will feel unwell after the class. I find that keeping hydrated is a challenging aspect of participating in hot yoga for many people, including me!