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A Chakra Meditation

Dr Blessyl and I really enjoyed teaching a workshop at Lole last week on colours in fashion and the chakras, the subtle energetic centres of our bodies. While I was going over our material to cover, I realized that a Maya Angelou quote that a client had shared a few weeks ago  ‘I approve of my right to be here’ would be the starting point to a chakra meditation I wanted to create. Bringing awareness to our subtle energetic body and our chakras helps us gain a wider perspective to ourselves and our relationship with the world around. This meditation is based on the 7 inalienable rights described in the book Eastern Body, Western Mind (Anodea Judith).

In a comfortable position, sitting, lying down, or in a restorative bridge position with a block under the sacrum to create a grounding energy:

Ground yourself with restorative bridge posture

feel grounded in restorative bridge posture

Begin by bringing awareness to the base of your spine and say to yourself:

I approve of my right to be here (1st chakra)

Moving your awareness to your pelvic area:

I approve of my right to feel (2nd chakra)

With awareness at your navel area:

I approve of my right to act (3rd chakra)

Notice your heart center:

I approve of my right to love and be loved (4th chakra)

Notice the seat of your voice, throat area:

I approve of my right to speak and hear the truth (5th chakra)

Concentrate on the area between your eyebrows, center of your forehead:

I approve of my right to see (6th chakra)

Bring your attention to the crown of your head:

I approve of my right to know (7th chakra)

These 7 phrases can also be used as mantras to meditate upon anytime and anywhere to connect with your inalienable birthrights and consider if anything is in the way of you being truly comfortable in your experience of each of these rights.



Let me take a selfie

A few weeks ago, I heard a 10 year old recite a few strange lines and promptly asked the source-the Selfie song. I must admit I live under a rock in some ways, and pop culture comes to my consciousness in interesting ways. I finally looked up and heard the Selfie song for the first time today. Perhaps I’m of a different generation, selfies are not my thing. I did notice last year my new iphone camera could reverse easily for a selfie. I tried a few times and could not create an image with the frame I wanted, so I abandoned taking self portraits with my phone.

The question of the meaning behind a selfie has always been in my mind. What is the message behind this image? (which is a question that can be applied to any art we experience). Is there a sense of validation when an image (especially of ourselves) is taken, shared and seen by others? Self-portraits are a longstanding form of art, and selfies can be an instantly gratifying self-portrait.

I love art and photography. As much I love capturing a frame of an amazing moment in life as a photo, I notice that if I spend too much time taking photos, I take away from enjoying the moment I am trying to capture. The vast majority of the photographs found here on this website are taken by myself or friends with some care and the intent of Making Life Good. Somehow, a selfie even to inspire people to exercise, eat or live well has not crossed my creative threshold, as I seem to prefer creating an image within a larger frame. Prior to ‘let me take a selfie’, I invite the questions: what am I trying to say? what is the frame of reference?