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Food Shops and Restaurants 


Find our chef friends Melissa Saunders and Doug Penfold at the outstanding Chabrol restaurant 156 Cumberland Street

Whole Foods 87 Avenue Road is a full service experience in shopping for healthy food in Toronto and their locations around the world 

Evergreen Natural Foods 513 St Clair Avenue West is a great neighbourhood shop with a good selection of health foods.

Essence Of Life Organics is a great jam packed health food store in Kensington Market at 50 Kensington Avenue

Fiesta Farms 200 Christie St, Canada’s largest independently owned grocery store has an incredible selection of high quality and interesting food


Purdys chocolate is the best all Canadian chocolatier. I particularly love the sweet georgia browns, which I bring around the world as a Canadian momento

Dlish Cupcakes are my favourite red velvet and many other cupcakes and I have tested quite a few! 833 Queen St W

Forno Cultura is an Italian bakery/pastry counter that was love at first bite for me. Try everything! 609 King St W

Miette (Ferry Building and other locations in San Fran)  is a sweet shop I adore in San Francisco. I love their gingersnaps to bring home and all their treats are of the finest quality and taste, enjoy!

Amazing Wellness Professionals

Dr Blessyl Buan is a brilliant chiropractor, dancer and pilates expert. She has helped me heal quickly and learn from various injuries and misalignments.

Nadine Saxton is a gifted mind body practitioner. Working with her is amazingly effective to align my mind, body and spirit.

Check out Lawrence Biscontini’s website for an incredible array of fitness information and instruction.

Therapy with Ashley Parsons was life changing for me in the self development and growth she helped me with, life is a whole other level of conscious and peaceful

Fashion Styling

Anne Hung is my designer of over 15 years. She makes the most incredible comfortable stylish clothing

Mark St James is a man of style who gives great fashion and life advice


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