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New Year, new habits?

Many of us set out on great courses of action at the start of a new year. The gym seems busier with people who have resolved to change themselves. Lasting change and transformation in the realm of health and fitness requires improving lifestyle habits on an ongoing basis. How can this be done? I would say cultivate patience and make things easy for yourself.

Patience with yourself during and through the process of any change will make reaching your goal easier. Making things easy for yourself means creating incremental, achievable goals. For example, 3 Making Life Good healthy eating goals that apply for everyone all the time are:

1. Eat green vegetables at least once daily

2.  Drink adequate quantities of water and herbal tea http://www.vivianlaw.ca/fat-loss-tip-daily-water-intake-goal/

3. Track your alcohol intake

Try the above habits in addition to your exercise program to feel your best-Here’s to your optimal health!