Monthly Archives: February 2024

Do What You Love to Do

A month into the new year and I realize how often it is that I encourage others to go do what they really love to do. It’s easy to be weighed down by life circumstances. Living in this part of the world, once you have your basic needs met, we all have the same 24 hours each day to live our best life. A good friend once told me that time is our most valuable resource and we should choose wisely how we utilize it. I took that advice to heart and haven’t looked back. Time is also a perception (Einstein) and in the book the Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, there is a chapter where he goes over how we are the source of our time. I will state that once we take ownership of how we use our time we can find more time.

I have said many times that doing what you love to do is actually the most effective use of your time, because it is like having wind in your sails. Time may seem to pass by more quickly when we’re having fun and at the same time loving what you are doing gives you more energy to accomplish what you need to do in life. Nothing worthwhile is easy, it just feels easier when you have a high level of enthusiasm or passion to do the necessary work.

Very often people think about making money with what they love to do. Of course that is possible, but it is more important to make the leap to actually do what you love to do first, then the path is revealed. Often what we love to do is a creative pursuit and that is worthwhile doing just to be healthy! We all have something unique to express in the world and it is energy that must be expressed through the body- go do what you love to do!