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Pizza and Summers Icecream; Good Habits?

Pizza and icecream are foods that clients and friends tell me on a regular basis are ‘bad habits’. My response is ‘I love pizza and icecream!’. Looking back, pizza and icecream have been on my top 10 list of favourite foods since childhood. My tastes have refined over the years, but I still love to eat pizza and icecream regularly.

I invite you to have pizza and icecream as part of the good habit of mindfully experiencing and enjoying food you love to eat.

Make pizza a good habit, by finding high quality pizza that you love and be sure to order salad and/or greens with it. My top picks for pizza in Toronto are Buca, Paese and Falasca

Icecream is a good habit when you take a time out to enjoy a kiddie size scoop of icecream along with some sunny outdoor time if possible. Summers the icecream (pralines and cream flavour) I have most frequently. Bakerbots, Lapperts of Hawaii (macadamia nut flavour!), and Growlers of Fogo Island (caramel flavour!) were some amazing icecream experiences this year.

Add Thanksgiving: for fat loss

As a fitness trainer extraordinaire, I have given suggestions for health, fitness, and fat loss on innumerable occasions.  I notice that quite frequently what I suggest sounds almost ‘too easy’, as there is a generally pervasive mindset that being healthy and losing weight is an onerous undertaking. The truth is, our thoughts, feelings and daily habits make all the difference and are entirely changeable starting in the smallest of ways. On Thanksgiving, a natural starting point is to appreciate all that we have in our lives, and the first step in making a difference. I invite you to consider making dietary and lifestyle changes from a positive approach of adding to your diet and lifestyle. The intention is to take positive action to take care of yourself at this moment.

Here is my top 5 list of Making Life Good concepts to add to your diet and lifestyle:

1. Notice and be mindful of all that you have in your life

2. Take time to truly enjoy food and drink

3. Eat more green vegetables

4. Drink herbal tea

5. Eat more fibre


Ps. The best part is the list above is easily applied anytime and for a Thanksgiving feast-Happy Thanksgiving!