Monthly Archives: December 2014

Physical Activity Experiences of 2014

I kept myself active throughout 2014 and here is my list of memorable physical activity experiences to share:

Walking the beach to capture a most beautiful photo to start the year on the west coast of Antigua

Yoga practice with Dharma Mittra at Yoga Journal Live in San Francisco. Dharma turned 75 this year and the name rock of yoga is perfect for him, as he is such an inspiration. His book ASANAS is incredible.

Spin class with Vlad Radonovic at Ultimate Athletics, the one spin class I make time for on a weekly basis, because I love it

Yoga practice with Alyssa Cohen at Jakes on the southcoast Jamaica

Hiking the most challenging town in Cinque Terre, so sweaty and the amazing views are well worth the effort

The alternating treadmill and water rower interval workout, invented with the input of a colleague, needed some mental toughness to get through the serious workout of 4 alternating sets of 0.25 miles on the treadmill and a 500m row.

Trying a heartcore class in London, an integrated full body workout on a pilates-like reformer, and could the name be any more adorable? 

Ballet class at Danceteq Centre is a wonderful experience in learning how to dance and move with live music on the piano taught by dancers

Yoga practice with Jodi Fichstein, who opens doors of my physical practice at 889 Yoga

Running through Ala Moana Beack Park is such a magical experience for me with the green grass alongside the sand, ocean and palm trees