Cookie Monster-love him and cookies!

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A friend had this on her facebook the other day shortly after the topic of memes came up in conversation around the dinner table (it was a nice surprise I knew what they are!)

Cookie Monster's Trainer

Who is Cookie Monster’s Trainer? Making Life Good recommends Vivian Law

I love this photo and I instantly realized that I would love to be Cookie Monster or Alistair Cookie’s trainer, happy to be at ‘fault’. Cookie Monster is a such a lovable and funny character-I fail to see how human weight ideals apply to him, as he is a furry blue monster! I would join him in shoveling vast quantities of cookies towards our faces and making a big mess in general-we could do lots of speed, endurance and clean up training specific to…cookies!!

When the question of Cookie Monster’s potential negative influence on the eating habits of children arises, I feel we are forgetting that children have inborn appetite regulation we can foster and the appeal of the character is his outrageousness. Apparently he has been changed to enjoy some healthy foods in addition to cookies-watch this hilarious interview where we learn much about his preferences:

Cookie Monster has a singular love for cookies and we can learn from his enthusiasm. We are constantly around messages of ‘this or that food is bad’, ‘we should not be eating this or that’…and we end up eating the foods in judgement at some point anyway. Becoming aware and letting go of our internal conflict around our food choices creates a more harmonious relationship within ourselves and food. Let’s take a cue with a ‘C’ from Cookie Monster and eat delicious food we love with clarity and enthusiasm. ‘C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me’

3 responses to “Cookie Monster-love him and cookies!

  1. “Today me will live in the moment unless it’s unpleasant in which me will eat a cookie.” -Cookie Monster.

  2. Lovable and funny? Do you have any idea how much Cookie Monster has contributed to childhood obesity? I’ve struggled with this addiction my whole life and it all started the first time Cookie Monster got me shoveling vast quantities of ‘C’ into my mouth.

    Vivian, clearly you’re just a shill for ‘Big Cookie’ – Nabisco, Mrs. Fields, the Girl Guides and those damned little scheming Keebler elves!

    • Thank you for your comment. I do not believe that Cookie Monster has contributed to childhood obesity. Sorry to hear of your addiction that sounds like it started with emulating Cookie Monster. ‘Shoveling vast quantities of cookies towards our faces’ is what I would join Cookie Monster in doing. However, the shoveling action is playful and NOT actually ingesting vast quantities of cookies. I have always felt that he does not actually eat the cookies, especially since the cookies are always still there, just in a mess of crumbs.
      I am a ‘shill’ for homemade cookies and they are made for eating enjoyment. None of the brands you mention have been recommended on my website.

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