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Add Thanksgiving: for fat loss

As a fitness trainer extraordinaire, I have given suggestions for health, fitness, and fat loss on innumerable occasions.  I notice that quite frequently what I suggest sounds almost ‘too easy’, as there is a generally pervasive mindset that being healthy and losing weight is an onerous undertaking. The truth is, our thoughts, feelings and daily habits make all the difference and are entirely changeable starting in the smallest of ways. On Thanksgiving, a natural starting point is to appreciate all that we have in our lives, and the first step in making a difference. I invite you to consider making dietary and lifestyle changes from a positive approach of adding to your diet and lifestyle. The intention is to take positive action to take care of yourself at this moment.

Here is my top 5 list of Making Life Good concepts to add to your diet and lifestyle:

1. Notice and be mindful of all that you have in your life

2. Take time to truly enjoy food and drink

3. Eat more green vegetables

4. Drink herbal tea

5. Eat more fibre


Ps. The best part is the list above is easily applied anytime and for a Thanksgiving feast-Happy Thanksgiving!

Making Life Good Recommends


You may have noticed that there are a fair number of food, food product and service recommendations on this website. The purpose of these recommendations is to share ways to lead a healthy lifestyle, enjoy food and make life good. A lot of care and consideration goes into the recommendations you find here.

Making Life Good recommendations strive for great taste, nutrition, enjoyment, relative ease of preparation and most importantly a way to Make Life Good through healthy eating. The recipes you find here are created and tested myself and on various guests until there is a high level of taste enjoyment.

Our food and food product recommendations are discoveries that are found anywhere in the world, through a constant journey to locate amazing food experiences everywhere. Whenever possible, I have personal conversations with the purveyors of the product to learn the back story. If not, the products are tested myself and repeatedly with various friends and guests. Every product that I ever recommend here is one that I use regularly myself, share and purchase for others. I hope you enjoy our recommendations and they make life good for you-

Yours Truly,

Vivian Law