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Healthy Yorkville Lunch: Mela Cafe

I am 8 years late in my discovery of Mela Cafe, Italian Vegetarian Magic at 7 Yorkville Avenue 416 916 0619. Perhaps its location where Wanda’s Pie in the Sky once was kept me from coming too close, as I missed Wanda’s very much. I came across Mela Cafe last week after buying DLish cupcakes and looked around the corner for some lunch. Yes, I got dessert before choosing a spot for lunch.

The chalkboard menu and glass display cases at Mela Cafe were very enticing. I tasted a certain magic in the food with the mixed veggie salad and sweet potato mash with rapini topped with homemade tomato sauce I had. I enjoyed my lunch so much that I went back the next day for beet risotto with greens, which was delicious. As was their signature eggplant sandwich, which I enjoyed another time.

Mela Cafe is a great little spot to have some lunch or get takeout for dinner. Their food is prepared with great care to a point where the chefs Roberto and Kim grow their own vegetables. They are real innovators here. The quality shows through in the delightful taste of the food. I highly recommend Mela Cafe for a healthy, delicious meal that inspires us to eat more veggies by showing us how tasty veggies can be. What an amazing accomplishment for Mela Cafe!

Urban Farming?

In case you missed it, this was a great Thanksgiving piece on ‘local’ food.


People growing and harvesting food in an urban setting. If we all made a little effort and tried to contribute to growing some food in whatever space we have, it would start to make a difference in our community and the environment. The people featured in this article are already setting an example and making a difference.

At a time of giving thanks to our bounty, we can consider ways to contribute to the harvest next year. It will take a bit of planning and effort for worthwhile results of producing good food in your own space. The concept of urban farming is not a fad, it is the way of the future.