12 Minute Walk/Run Workout

The 12 minute run is a classic fitness test devised in 1968 by Dr Ken Cooper to measure aerobic fitness. A person simply walks or runs as far as he or she can in 12 minutes and the distance is recorded.

The 12 minute run is actually a simple workout that can be used on a regular basis. If you are able to run-you run as many laps as you can on a track or use a treadmill to record the distance you complete in 12 minutes time. If running does not work for you, then walking as far as you can in 12 minutes is also very effective. The key is to push yourself to a point where you feel out of breath and cannot really talk.

I have found the 12 minute run to be an effective way to get me on a treadmill lately, as I have needed motivation to get on a treadmill (I much prefer outdoors). 12 minutes is a short enough time to talk yourself into exercising when you may not feel like it. Once you get going, you may feel like competing with yourself to match or surpass your previous distance. The 12 minute run is a great way to watch yourself improve with the distance you can cover in that time. Give this workout a try-you most certainly can find 12 minutes to get active!

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