The McLobster

Lobster rolls are something I love. I try to get my hands on one whenever possible and I make a great lobster roll myself. Here we are in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland and Prince Charming notices that they are serving a McLobster at McDonalds-we screeched into the McDonalds instantly for the McLobster. We are very pleased to report that the McLobster is a great lobster roll. In fact, it edges out the last lobster roll we had at Rock Lobster in Toronto. The McLobster comes with lobster that has the right blend of mayo, celery, hint of lemon and most importantly, the right ratio of lobster on a slightly sweet toasted roll. Imagine our surprise when a friend told us the McLobster is available in Ontario as well. Try it while you can!

September 30, 2013 note:

The McLobster was actually quite difficult to obtain here in Toronto. And I must say somehow the one in Newfoundland was a better product.

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