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Longevity: Where People Forget to Die…

Here is a great article on longevity that was kindly passed onto me yesterday:


The author also wrote the Blue Zones, which is a great book that details various pockets in the world where people have great longevity by living a more traditional lifestyle.

For most urban, city dwelling people, living in the country or an island on a self sufficient garden/farm community seems foreign. However, there are many lifestyle ideas that we could apply to our daily life that could help us be happier and healthier. Some lifestyle concepts we could apply to our daily lives for more enjoyment and health include:

-physical activity, which means taking a walk, walking to places you need to go, doing a workout you enjoy

-enjoy the outdoors daily, if possible

-spend time with family and friends daily, if possible

-enjoy high quality, natural whole foods everyday

-take time to drink tea, coffee with family and friends

-drink in moderation

-sleep and nap well

-manage your activities, not time, as time is actually beyond our control

Generally, it seems to me that taking time to enjoy the present moment of your life is a way to be well. I most certainly love to make life good.