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Watch your carbs and your sleep

I like to eat carbs and sweets, as evidenced by the love of delicious sweet treats I share with you here. It is true that you can lose fat by monitoring and restricting  your carbohydrate intake. However, the question is always what level of carbohydrate monitoring and/or restriction is sustainable?

The most restriction I have been able to practice is to have one meal of protein and veggies in a day. I have tried this for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For me, it is okay at breakfast, but not the most energizing. A large salad with protein is alright at lunch time. Protein and veggies at dinner is okay for my energy levels. However, my sleep is affected by having limited carbs for dinner. I manage to fall asleep but have serious difficulty staying asleep!

If you are going to monitor and/or restrict your intake of carbohydrates, I suggest paying close attention to your energy levels before and after your meals and to watch what happens to the quality of your sleep. Metabolism varies in each individual and our dietary requirements need to be tailored to suit what the body needs now.

There is a school of thought that suggests eating minimal and/or restricted carbohydrates after 5pm. This strategy can work well for some people to help reset their insulin response. However, there are some individuals such as myself that do not sleep well without eating carbohydrates at night, so try another meal of the day to have minimal carbohydrate intake. Getting good rest and quality sleep is more of a priority than following a diet plan, as good food and lifestyle choices should leave you feeling energized and well!