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Live From Daryl’s House

Attending the Daryl Hall and John Oates concert this month was a major source of inspiration. I joined a dear friend and her mom to enjoy music they have been long time fans of. I knew some of the music of Daryl Hall and John Oates having owned their Essential double cd for many years. She’s Gone was a favourite on first listen and they mention in the album jacket that the song is the finest they wrote together.

Before the concert, I took the time to watch Behind the Music and discovered many interesting things most important being the internet show Live From Daryl’s House. The claim was the duo have benefitted more that any other 80s act from the internet. This piqued my curiosity and clips of the show were aired at the concert as well. In addition, Daryl Hall formed a friendship with Pat Monahan of Train as a result of the show and are touring together, performing songs together.

I got on my computer the next day and checked outĀ http://www.livefromdarylshouse.com

The show is so brilliant in how it showcases creative collaboration and musical talent new and old I couldn’t stop watching and wondered where I had been the past decade to miss it!! I have always been interested in music and even more so now that I’m teaching indoor cycle regularly. For many years now I have felt that most pop music I hear on the radio is made in a lab and I prefer older music. Live from Daryl’s House is a statement that music made by humans together is very much alive and appreciated.

What has inspired me the most from my journey into the musical world and story behind Daryl Hall and John Oates is the unwavering dedication they each have to their craft. Here I am celebrating 18 years of being in the field of health and wellness and I aspire to continue and dedicate myself for the rest of my life. We all need to make our music in making life good-


On Inspiration

Inspiration, if it is to amount to anything more than a pleasant experience, that is, if it is to be put to real use for the benefit of human beings-and that is certainly its purpose-must come as high moments in the momentum of work. It results from a habit of awareness, a habit of positive receptivity, that is, a receptivity that is actively transforming, that looks for ideas and impressions and high visions as grist for the creative mill. -Lawren HarrisĀ 

Inspiration is a word I like to use regularly. This quote got me to consider the true meaning of the word. Building habits of awareness and positive receptivity can lead us to find true inspiration within ourselves for our work and our lives. What an insightful and inspiring reflection from great Canadian artist, Lawren Harris.


Thoughts to start 2013

Genius is the art of taking pains

What is the secret of success? Just the daring which led me to abandon safety for uncertainty

Claude C Hopkins, My Life in AdvertisingĀ 

My Life in Advertising is a book that I found on the Prince Charming’s bookshelf and promptly borrowed. I loved it and I am still amazed that the book was first published in 1923. The two statements above really spoke to me and I’m passing them on as inspiration to start 2013. What genius is within you to take pains to create? What would inspire you to have the daring to abandon safety for uncertainty?