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Habits for better sleep

This spring in Toronto has been full of rain and one benefit I noticed is a cloudy rainy morning can help me sleep a little extra if I manage to allow myself. Being a student of traditional chinese medicine has me experimenting with various herbal formulas to balance my health. The unexpected benefit of these formulas has been improved sleep. I would say my sleep has always been pretty good and this spring I have experienced a whole new level of high quality sleep with trying chinese herbs and getting into a beautiful new bed. Sleep and rest is an extremely important component of health-we regenerate ourselves with sleep. In the spirit of sharing my good news of great sleep, I would like to share some habits that help ensure a good night’s sleep:

-No television or computer time after 10pm. Keep electronics to a minimum near your bed if possible.

-No caffeine intake after 3pm.

-Keep the same bed time ritual, such as reading, tea, brushing your teeth, so your body knows to wind down. Sleep is process of letting go, so develop your own routine to let go of your day in preparation for rest.

-Develop a meditation practice. One benefit is should you ever experience insomnia, you can observe yourself and what thoughts or feelings you experience while awake.

-Keep a gratitude journal to reflect on things you are grateful for at the end of your day. This practice has a life changing positive effect-


Appetizer: Salami with Figs

Whenever, I can get my hands on fresh figs, one of my favourite ways to eat them is as an appetizer or snack with salami. Sounds strange, but I find it a pretty delicious pairing of flavours. What place does salami have in a healthy diet? For me, the place is pure enjoyment of its taste. Yes, the nitrates and sodium are not so great for you…enjoying food in moderation is winning here for me.

Pork fat is still of the moment in the foodie world-bacon donuts anyone? I actually ate a bacon apple fritter in April and I cannot say I loved that. Slices of pure lardo are served at Buca, it is delicious and simply melts in your mouth as you feel and taste it. The health claim of pork fat is its composition of 45% monounsaturated fat. Another concept to consider is historically, animal fat has been used for cooking and people were much slimmer in comparison to today. One could also argue that animal fat is less processed than many of the oil products we eat today.

Salami is definitely something to be enjoyed in moderation. Try pairing fresh figs with salami or proscuitto (a more traditional pairing). This is a snack that packs a lot of flavour per calorie…