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An Indo Row inspired workout

I tried an Indo Row class for the first time summer 2010, really enjoyed the experience and brought a rower home thereafter. We have a water rower at our studio in Toronto and some challenging workouts can be created. Challenging workouts that energize you are part of making life good. Here is the my most recent workout on the water rower:

The Bond Workout

Daniel Craig as agent 007 James Bond has been a physical fitness inspiration to me since Casino Royale. I like the concept that mental and physical fitness is referenced in the book by Ian Fleming-‘Bond was determined to be completely fit and relaxed…’ ┬áBond has lunch, sits by the window gazing out at the sea as he awaits the massage he ordered. Those are some really good relaxation techniques that he uses…Granted, he is getting ready for a long night of gambling-a performance that requires mental and physical strength, agility and relaxation.

We can take the philosophy of having a balance of mental and physical strength, agility and relaxation and apply it to handling our daily lives even when we are not fictional secret killer agents. We had a lot of fun looking into and testing a Bond inspired workout at our studio recently, here is the workout if you would like to try it:

Ps. It is challenging and the Indo Row water rower is the icing on the cake for this workout

ShockWave by IndoRow: Update

You saw it here first! I wrote about this class last week and here is a link complete with a video, so you can check it out:

Ps. Watch out for and join us for our small group training sessions including the water rowers in Toronto.

Brand New Workout Experience: ShockWave by IndoRow

I was fortunate to be one of the first in Canada to experience a brand new exercise class concept called ShockWave by IndoRow at Can Fit Pro, a recent fitness conference. I had tried IndoRow back in 2010 and really enjoyed the concept of a team workout:

The current general trend in fitness appears to be shorter, more intense workouts. As an experienced trainer, I must say some fitness level is required before pushing yourself at higher intensities. However, shorter workouts increase a person’s compliance, and staying consistently active in and of itself builds fitness. A workout that is fun and with an energetic group setting also helps a person stick with a program.

ShockWave was a superbly fun and challenging fitness class with an inclusive team atmosphere. The workout was an intense 24 minute circuit of 4 exercises, with rowing intervals being one of them. It was a unique experience, easy to follow, fun to do and a great workout! So far, it appears to be available at Equinox clubs in the US for now. Try it if you get a chance, you’ll be sure to enjoy it.

Ps. We have the rowers at our training studio now, so watch for our small group training class with rowers!