Book Inspiration: Bi Rite Market’s Eat Good Food

I came across Bi Rite Market under the most unlikely circumstances. I inadvertently had dinner with two separate groups of 6 people at Mission Chinese in San Francisco. One of my absolute favourite Chinese restaurants ever. Both groups of 6 people highly recommended icecream from Bi-Rite Creamery, which was 2 blocks away.
I made my way over after dinner and lined up for 15 minutes for their salted caramel icecream. When I paid for my icecream, I noticed their book for sale and made a mental note. The icecream was unbelievable. Creamy, rich with just the right balance of sweet to the hint of salt. Well worth the lineup.
As I walked back, I passed by Bi-Rite Market and they had just closed. I had thought it was a flower shop on my previous trip to San Fran on my way to dinner at Delphina, but it is actually a neighbourhood market. I pretty much pressed my nose to the window and got the impression that everything was carefully selected from partnerships with farmers and the prepared foods menu was inspired and changed frequently.

I ordered the book upon my return from San Francisco. I devoured the book upon its delivery. The story that Sam Moggannam tells of his career as a chef and his transition to the family grocery business is genuine and passionate to a point of inspiration. This book is a great food education resource and I would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in good food. Eat Good Food is helpful in gaining a clear understanding of how important it is to prepare and enjoy good food to the fullest, why it might cost more and how it is still a good value. It is admirable that the Moggannam family has built an exceptional business based upon their mission of creating community through food. The details about how to select good food from all sorts of meat, veggies, fruit and dry goods are exceptionally clear and educational.

I have yet to try the recipes included in the book, but they look very appetizing with quite a few ideas to try. The Delphina’s spaghetti being the recipe I most want to try first, as it was exceptional in its simplicity when I ate it at the restaurant. Many of the recipes in the book appear to be simple to execute for some easy delicious meals. I really look forward to trying them. I was really impressed with the icecream, which is another part of their family business and now truly inspired by their book!

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