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Ready to eat? Check in with yourself-

We all know it is vitally important to ‘eat healthy’ and many of us make an effort to do so. In my opinion, one of the important aspects of healthy eating is to tune into your own energy levels and how you respond to the food you eat. There are many ideas of what is ‘healthy, healthier and healthiest’, however, how you feel and how food affects you personally is of utmost importance. Paying attention to how you feel before and after you eat is a practice that will allow you to find the best food choices for you.

Here are 3 questions you can ask when you are ready to eat:

-How is my energy level?

-Do I feel hungry? (physically, mentally, need a distraction)

-How do I feel about this food choice? (Is it healthy for me? A meal I love? Not enthused?)

Here are 3 questions to consider after you eat:

-How is my energy level?

-What is my level of satiety or satisfaction?

-What do I notice physically in my body?

As you practice tuning in, you may find that certain foods are better choices for you than others. I like to choose foods I truly enjoy eating, that enjoyment is very satisfying and most importantly I feel energized after I eat. Healthy foods and healthy eating is choosing foods that make you feel good-