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The San Francisco Waterfront Workout

Having recovered from two consecutive late nights, I went for a most enjoyable workout along the San Francisco waterfront this afternoon.

I had read in Fodor’s that the distance between the Ferry Building and Fisherman’s Wharf is about 2 miles. How perfect for recreational running. I set out for a run with my camera and permission to take photos, if the feeling struck me…
Many different spots along the way needed a short slowdown due to fellow pedestrian traffic or just scenery to take in. The run was more of an interval walk/run workout, but still strenuous enough to break a sweat.
I would recommend running to Pier 39 (the green space around it is pictured below), as past that point is Fisherman’s Wharf, a serious tourist trap with massive crowds that are tough to navigate even walking.
I ran most of the way back and had to stop for a little chocolate sample at TCHO. How could I resist a sign with an arrow that says chocolate?
Then, it was time for a stretch on Pier 7 while taking in the view of the Oakland Bridge.
The Program:
-Plan to briskly walk or run from the Ferry Building to Pier 39.
-Take in and enjoy the scenery as it inspires you.
-Brisk walk or run back the entire way from Pier 39 to Pier 7, stretch and cool down on the long wood pier.
-Enjoy some great food by the Ferry Building or anywhere else that catches your fancy.
San Francisco is inspiring, but a similar workout to this one can be done in any town with a waterfront for scenery.