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Celebrations and holidays are coming-time to exercise!

November is the month I really notice the darkness setting in earlier in the day and the proclivity towards hibernation starts to arise…

If we were squirrels, gathering lots of food and hibernating for the winter would be a good plan. In preparation for the upcoming season of celebration and indulgence we can increase our activity level, much like the squirrels are doing now.  Being fit and well requires some foresight and organization. Setting an intention to step up our workouts now, before the holiday season is a brilliant concept.

Going to see a fitness and wellness professional at this time when you may be starting to slow down is a great proactive move-I could use the guidance and it works! Just think, committing to being active now and sticking with it throughout the holiday season decreases the work load for the new year. Plus, you’re that much more beach ready-