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Octopus, Wild Boar and Salami

Prior to my recent trip to Italy, I was given some dietary advice to increase my intake of protein in order to become leaner. I had some professional pride at stake, so eating more protein was one thing I could comply with. Now that I look back, the protein sources I consumed the most while I was in Italy was octopus, wild boar and salami. Most unusual.

It is often said that the average person eats only 12 different foods, as many of us have our habits and preferences. I make an effort to have a variety of foods for enjoyment and the variety of nutrients. I chose octopus, wild boar and salami, because they are foods that I truly enjoy. Fortunately, they also worked well for the dietary discipline I could comply with. Octopus is a lean protein, wild boar is fairly lean as well and salami is something to be enjoyed in moderation. I enjoyed various octopus salads, wild boar in stew, on pasta, and salami with cheese. In addition, I will say that choosing these different foods helped meĀ  become leaner. Yes, octopus, wild boar and salami are some different delicious protein foods to try. I invite you to try a new food sometime this week and see how you respond.