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Order a small gelato (rule)

I would like to share that I enjoyed gelato most days last week in Italy and here in Toronto. I ordered a small gelato on every occasion, which I am certain is enough. It was a surprise to me when I got tough on my mom and told her the rules were small gelato only when she told me she had eaten a medium gelato the day before. We have been enjoying gelato from Il Gelatiere http://www.ilgelatiere.ca/, Dolce http://dolcegelato.net/and Hotel Gelato www.hotelgelato.com as a family taste test and have discovered delicious, interesting flavours at each spot.

It is funny that I reiterated the small gelato rule to my mom, the person responsible for developing my habit of ordering small icecream and gelato. I grew up having ‘kiddie scoops’ of icecream only and carried the habit into adulthood. Being accustomed to having a small gelato or icecream, I find it is quite satisfying, especially in a cup eaten with a small spoon.

Enjoying gelato or icecream on a warm day is a treat that most of us love. Making Life Good recommends enjoying a small gelato or icecream (one a day or less)- the small gelato rule.

Ps. This article has some interesting history of sugar consumption and mentions the importance of our attitude towards the food we eat: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/health/sugar-the-evolution-of-a-forbidden-fruit/article19969475/