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Taste Experiences of 2013

There were many incredible taste experiences during the course of 2013. Here are few memorable moments in no particular order:

Sweet potato fries with Nutella at the Canadian National Exhibition: Hot, crisp sweet potato fries drizzled with Nutella and sprinkled with icing sugar. A highly memorable taste combination that kick started a new love for Nutella. I even tried dipping healthy dehydrated sweet potato chips in Nutella, an interesting snack.

Fig and walnut panforte from Volterra, Italy: Perhaps it was the hillside drive to Volterra, however, fig and walnut panforte from this small town in Tuscany was outstanding. Chef Melissa Saunders created a version in time for Christmas, the perfect accompaniment to cheese.

Holy Chuck  burger and truffle fries: I like a good burger. At the urging of friends and colleagues in the neighbourhood, I finally tried a Holy Chuck burger this year. Truly one of the best burgers I have had. The fresh black truffle fries with cheese are also a taste sensation.


Ahi musubi at the Kahala: These are fried balls of rice with a center of ahi poke, the Hawaiian national dish. This dish served at the Kahala resort reminds me of arancini, the Italian fried rice ball with a Hawaiian slant in the poke centre and Japanese twist in the seasoning with furakake. Here is the recipe (I have not ventured to try it yet):


Growlers caramel icecream: Their caramel icecream is the best, with a delightfully rich taste and texture. Fogo Island is a bit of a journey, however, if you ever go there, Nicole’s Cafe and Growlers Icecream are a treat to be had.


Sauteed turnip greens with lemon: Turnip greens were an interesting discovery I made on Fogo Island. We picked up some items in what appeared to be a convenience store, and I noticed bags of turnip greens, so we bought some. Prince Charming sauteed the greens and seasoned them with lemon, very tasty and a new veggie discovery! Apparently turnip greens are usually boiled in Newfoundland, and we can certainly say sauteed can be tastier.

Gingerbread cupcake at DLish: This was a limited edition cupcake that I loved at first bite. Great texture with the right mix of cinnamon cream cheese icing. The DLish gingerbread cupcake is on par with a perennial favourite, the miette gingerbread cupcake in San Francisco



DLish Cupcakes

I discovered DLish cupcakes shortly after the shop opened on Queen Street West. I became particularly enamoured with their red velvet cupcake. I quite enjoyed the rotating flavours with the days of the week (it keeps you going back!) and I did eventually try most of the flavours.

I was in New York and San Francisco in the fall of 2011 and tried some other red velvet cupcakes. I must say the DLish red velvet cupcake with its perfect size, moistness and proportion of great icing to delicious cake, stands out as my favourite even in comparison to the red velvet cupcake at Magnolia in New York.

It was with great delight that I bought and enjoyed some cupcakes with friends last week from the second location of DLish at Yonge and Yorkville. Red velvet, salted caramel and apple caramel were my picks. Apple caramel being a great new flavour! It was great to see the same store concept and quality of cupcakes replicated with such consistency.

Of course, this is a question I am asked often: ‘You’re a fitness trainer and/or nutritionist-You eat cupcakes!? ‘

My answer is a resounding yes. I love food and I love to enjoy good food. I was encouraging people to try DLish cupcakes this weekend (yes, I bought people cupcakes). They are delicious and made with great care. A huge component of good nutrition, health and well being is enjoying life, which includes truly enjoying what you want to eat. Enjoying a cupcake is most certainly a part of Making Life Good!