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New Workout Experience: Booty Barre Class

Barre classes seem to be the new thing in fitness. The premise is a group fitness class that is based on dance/ballet conditioning exercises done at a barre. I tried a class that is being taught around the world at a fitness conference a couple weeks ago-it was Booty Barre. Catchy name, I know!


The class I attended was taught by its creator, Tracey Mallett. Tracey is a highly personable and experienced instructor. Her plan is to have Booty Barre classes all over the world by providing training, programming and marketing for instructors. Her class was very enjoyable and a totally different workout experience. The postures and exercises delivered a cardio workout that was combined with muscle conditioning work that targeted small muscles we all tend to neglect.

As for the general idea that this type of workout gets your booty in shape…I’m not entirely convinced. I believe some dance and general training is needed before the majority of ladies can accomplish the barre exercises that really change your booty. However, this type of class is fun, so that in itself is enough motivation to try it and get more active!

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