Physical Activity Experiences of 2013

I keep active most days of the week, and the activity is required to balance the taste experiences! Here is my list of memorable physical activity experiences of  2013 in no particular order:

Yoga class with Dharma Mittra:

I attended a session with 73 year old Dharma Mittra in March at the Toronto yoga conference and was very much positively affected by the practice he led. Breathing and meditation followed by physical practice is a highly effective formula.

Circus at Circability:

I tried the trapeze, aerial hoop and silks for the first time at Circability in April. Great instructors that guide you into fun ‘tricks’ even on your first try.

The fun of inverting during lesson number one

The fun of inverting during lesson number one


40 second sprints up to a vineyard in Tuscany:

With professional pride at stake, a few workouts with 40 second sprint repeats up to a vineyard in Tuscany brought me home leaner as I proclaimed. Very challenging, and a great experience.


Running by the Kahala:

Going for a run in Hawaii is always a magical experience.

the Kahala view

the Kahala view

Short hike at Gros Morne Park:

We took a short hike into the Western Brook Pond…this was a hauntingly beautiful experience to say the least. A wind whipped pond, a bog that houses pickled life underneath and then the glacier formed pond.



Running on Fogo Island and meeting a fox:

Fogo Island is the edge of the earth, which brings a peaceful feeling. Looking up at ledge of rock and having a little fox stare intently curious at you is incomparable.

Ultimate Spin with Vlad Radanovic:

Vlad has taught me indoor cycling for over a decade. His music is a lot of fun, complete with his turntable. He has opened his own amazing gym Ultimate Athletics and teaches his awesome classes many times a week.

Gravity workout at Evolution Fitness:

The gravity machines have been around for a few years now. I was invited to try a Gravity workout at the new Evolution Fitness, 101 Yorkville Ave by owner Conor Kelly. Definitely a unique experience that combined strength training with the fluid movement of the Gravity machine. The most challenging upper body workout I’ve had in recent memory.

889 Yoga:

I quite enjoy the experience of yoga at 889 Yonge, at the Four Seasons and very occasionally at the Thompson hotel. The instructors are fantastic and the space is the right balance of clean and zen. Special acknowledgement to Jodi Fichstein and Sunny Smith, teachers I am grateful to see regularly.

Happy New Year with best wishes for an active and healthy 2014!

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