Dessert Inspiration: Miette Cookbook

I had the pleasure of going to both locations of Miette in San Francisco last November. The Ferry Building location is more of a counter and display table of goodies while the store in Hayes Valley is a special experience in charm. Hence, the subtitle of their cookbook is recipes from San Francisco’s most charming pastry shop, how true.

I had read about the gingerbread cupcake in Fodor’s, so I had it pretty much for breakfast at the Ferry Building and ordered a macaron and salted caramels for later consumption. The cupcake was visually charming and tasted even better. The macaron was good, but not my favourite, as the best ones that I have had so far are from Petite Thuet in Toronto. The salted caramel was a wonderful treat that came home with me.
I enjoyed the gingerbread cupcake so much that I had to visit their store in Hayes Valley for a second tasting. The store was beautiful with much attention to every detail. I got gingersnaps to take home, they were the best ever. Crisp, spicy and rich tasting.
Imagine my delight in discovering that there was a Miette cookbook. I read through it the past few days and what a great story from Meg Ray. The amazing treats I tasted were amazing because a lot of passion and care went into the selection of the finest ingredients and the execution of detail. Their standard of finest ingredients are organic and locally sourced as much as possible. That will be more of a challenge here in Toronto, but I am ready to try.
The book was a great inspiration, so I tried the buttermilk panna cotta recipe with some mini mousse glasses that I got last week. Yummy!!
I am all for desserts as a healthy part of enjoyment of life and food. I love them and eat them regularly. Nutritionally, they are not the best, but fun and enjoyment is a really important component to eating well and life in general.
The Miette philosophy is to make things small for presentation, balance and economics. Portion control is a great effect of this concept as well. The panna cotta recipe was so delicious and rich tasting that the mini mousse glass, which was around 5 tablespoons was very satisfying. Eating small portions of foods you love that are made with care sure is a great way to enjoy life all the time!

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