Holiday Priority: Workouts

Being Canadian, I always wondered about the often cited statistic that the average American puts on 7 pounds over the holiday season. It always seemed mind boggling to me until I finally understood American Thanksgiving is near the end of November, so it kicks off a month of celebration, social demands and indulgence.

This is a busy time of year for most of us and it is so easy to slip into the mindset of I’m too busy to exercise. However, it is equally possible to create the intention and mindset that workouts are a priority at this time of year. With all the extra demands placed on us at this time of year, it is that much more important to take time to take care of ourselves. Just think, exercise improves sleep quality and boosts our immunity, which is so needed at this time of year.

Making Life Good recommends enjoying all your favourite celebratory foods and beverages while making workouts a priority.

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