Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day in many ways is a contrived and commercial holiday to me. However, the middle of winter is a great time to journey into the depths of the heart and reflect on love. A friend told me years ago to consider all the love I have in my life. This is a reflection that has become a consistent source of comfort through challenging and good times, since I feel so much gratitude for all the love I have in my life, and realize there is always room for more. When I notice all the love in my life, I also remember all the love that I am and have to offer.

Love is a feeling and an expansive state of being, within each of us. What place does love hold in your heart and your life at the moment? Love is living with enthusiasm for all the different experiences of life and love is what we have to offer the world with our unique individual presence. Happy Valentines Day!

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