Workout Program: Hormone Fat Loss

I have been working on a workout and lifestyle program-Hormone Fat Loss, with a great trainer I know, Steve Elvins the past 4 weeks. I just want to share my experience, because it has made an huge impact on my body. The program started with an assessment where my body fat stores were measured at 12 sites with calipers. This was not an enjoyable moment for me, as it made me feel fat while I was getting pinched everywhere! The interesting learning experience though, was I learned from those body fat measurements that there were hormones in my body that could be better balanced so I could be closer to optimal health and function. This was very motivating for me, because I truly believe that being in optimal health brings the most enjoyment, effectiveness and happiness to my life.
I was given the most thorough, comprehensive program to achieve the goal of dropping body fat from the specific sites of my body to balance my hormones. Unfortunately, I was simply unwilling to comply with a dietary regime that many consisted of greens and lean protein. I was willing to commit to working out with Steve 2-3 times a week and to make some minor lifestyle changes.
I am pleased to report that in 4 weeks time I can see a big difference in how I feel and look. I will get more technical results through a re-assessment, but I know I have lost an inch from my waistline and there has been general fat loss throughout my body. The best part has been doing a different program has enhanced my performance in my usual activities of running and spinning. I just feel better and have been able to run and spin at a higher intensity with the same amount of effort.
We will share further developments on the Hormone Fat Loss program with you in the coming months. Optimal hormone function is something we could all strive for to feel and look our best. Watch out for it and get ready to bring your health and physical being to your best.

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