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Your Edge, Your Threshold

A client at our gym recently asked me if I had ever made anyone throw up during a workout, as he was on the verge. I shared that I have been on the verge of being ill on many occasions during a workout and the art of being a good trainer is bringing people to that edge threshold. All effective workout programs that exist to improve fitness and produce the result of a stronger, leaner body requires the hard work of reaching your edge, your threshold. The question is finding the right program for you at the moment, so you can reach your potential, your edge and your threshold today. Even better when working out hard is made fun, educational, interesting or enjoyable-this is where all the great fitness professionals in the world can help you. I have worked with so many amazing professionals in my career that have taken me to my edge, past my current threshold and as a result, I continually expand my physical learning.

Working out to your threshold needs to be balanced with easy physical activities and adequate relaxation. Once we get going on an exercise program, it is easy to get into the mindset that more is better. Balance is best. Being consistently active is the health priority, workouts where you put in your maximal, best effort are important, and so is enjoying life and the physical activities you choose…Making Life Good.