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Scaramouche Lobsterlicious

I had the privilege of being taken to Scaramouche last night for Lobsterlicious. It was a fabulous dinner. Started with the seared scallops with blood orange and avocado. Proceeded to grilled lobster with hurricane coconut broth and finished with rum panna cotta with mango sorbet.

Scaramouche had been a topic of discussion with a friend who went to chef school over the weekend. He does not like the restaurant although he does go for business dinners. I gathered that he feels the restaurant is dated.
I must say that I disagree with that opinion. I feel that Keith Froggett is exceptionally talented in the way he brings out the best of flavour and texture in the simplicity of his dishes. Even at a quick chef’s station at What’s on the Table, a fundraiser for the Stop, community food centre, he delivered a delicious, perfectly dressed raw tuna taster. I have used and recommended his most requested hummus recipe many times and am always amazed at how simple and exceptional it tastes each time. And of course, I have an exceptional meal and service experience each time I to go to the restaurant.
Perhaps the dining room has a bit more of an old school feel to it, but that is a good thing, because you can actually hear your dinner companion!