Salad Inspiration: Mijita jicama salad

The jicama salad at Mijita in the Ferry Building of San Francisco is an all time favourite salad of mine. Mijita is a casual taqueria opened by chef Tracy Des Jardins. This salad has the perfect blend of flavour, texture and nutrition. There is vitamin C and other phytochemicals in both the jicama and grapefruit. Healthy fats are found in the avocado and toasted pumpkin seeds. The taste and texture of it all is outstanding! I have written in to Bon Appetit RSVP to try and get the recipe.

April 20, 2012. Just an update. Chef Melissa Saunders made my wish come true. She created a version of this salad for her menu this week. Her jicama salad was super outstanding!!! Even tastier than the one pictured above…maybe more zing in the cilantro lime dressing? Try her for the recipe (that might not happen) or order it from her like I did



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