Creative Pursuits

One recommendation I have for almost all patients if they are receptive is to pursue creative interests, as it is a potent form of self expression. Many of us work at jobs that may not be aligned with our creative proclivities and we easily become too busy to remember to exercise our creativity. In our achievement oriented society, it happens often that a person discourages themselves from drawing, painting, dancing, singing, or writing, because they aren’t ‘good’ at it. No one ever became ‘good’ at anything without failure and practice- the struggle is part of the process.

Think of your creative pursuits as a way of expressing energy within yourself which is waiting to be released. Pent up, unexpressed creative energy is a form of tension that we may feel in our bodies which needs to be moved and expressed outwards. Whatever it is that inspires you, take the time and pursue it, find your creative expression, so you can really be yourself to the fullest extent.

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