Chocolate Inspiration: Galerie au Chocolat Fire/Feu

Galerie au Chocolat Fire is a taste sensation that was mentioned to me in April and introduced to me at Whole Foods in October. I have consumed a couple bars myself and have introduced many friends to the product as well.

Fire like the name suggests is a dark chocolate that is spicy. It is a rich, fine dark chocolate that has a little kick of heat that builds up slowly. Galerie au Chocolat Fire is my favourite chocolate with chili I have tried so far.

The intense flavour itself provides portion control is what some friends have observed. They feel one square of this chocolate is enough. This is so true-enjoying food with highly satisfying flavour and texture is a built in form of portion control.

If you don’t like chocolate with chili, the other types of Galerie au Chocolat are also great¬†



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