Another great experience at Buca

I introduced a friend to Buca last night after we checked out an ambitious photo fundraiser by Zark Fatah on King W.  We started with roman broccoli, which was perfectly cooked and so deliciously seasoned. The lamb skewers were also excellent. Pizza was absolutely necessary. Octopus and clam was one pizza and I ordered the one with poached tuna, olives, fresh chili and bottarga. Both were an incredible food experience-varied and bold flavours with the unfailingly crisp thin crust. I was just educated on Monday at the Terroir symposium on what bottarga is. As I understood, it is fish roe that has been preserved in wax and it is used to add umami to dishes. My tuna pizza certainly was a taste sensation, with plenty of umami.
Chef Melissa Saunders and I coincidentally have an aversion to tiramisu. However, we were both convinced on separate occasions to try it at Buca, due to their appetizing presentation in a cocktail glass. It was the best tiramisu I have ever had, because I actually liked it! Strawberry was the new version, with house made dried strawberry adding an extra dimension of flavour and texture. Just another outstanding dining experience at Buca.

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